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Certified Life Coach

Need a life coach? I’d love to be yours. Let’s get started with a free, 45-minute consult to see if we’re a good fit. Schedule yours today!

Meet Vanessa Christenson, Certified Life Coach & Personal Trainer

I am a certified life coach who specializes in working with creative women who feel “stuck” — personally, professionally, creatively, or all three at once. I’ve been there myself. As a wife, mom of four, business owner, NASM-certified personal trainer and certified life coach, I too faced feelings of being stuck, burned out and overwhelmed. Among the many aha moments for me was realizing that the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Creative women tend to do so much for others that they neglect their own minds and bodies. They feel exhausted and lose the clarity, creativity and joy they once had. That’s why I’m a life coach — to help you regain your personal power, accomplish your goals and become your best self.

Fill out a quick application to schedule a free, 45-minute consult. In this consultation we can talk more about your goals, what is standing in your way and whether or not we would work well together.

We will meet one-on-one for a specific period of time, to discuss your goals and obstacles. Once our initial period of time is up, we will have another set time where we continue to stay in touch. You can send me your questions and I will send you back advice and suggestions. You can also choose group coaching and membership.

We work on topics ranging from self-confidence to time management to setting boundaries. When our time comes to an end, you will have the tools you need to tackle any situation with intention and happiness.

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What Is the Process for Working With Vanessa?

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Meet like-minded creatives, get access to rare and exclusive content and accomplish your goals. Together we learn to live a richer, more intentional life and to “level-up” their outcome through thought work. Does this sound like a creative community you’d like to be part of?

Do You Need a Life Coach?

If you want to get to know yourself in a new and empowering way, with greater intention, insight and resilience around life’s challenges, then the answer is “yes!”


Achieve Empowement

in all aspects of your life.

Banish overwhelm

to be more productive and purposeful.

Boost Compassion

towards yourself and others.

Gain Clarity and focus

on what to do in any situation.

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