Group Life Coaching

Whether or not you also choose one-on-one coaching, group life coaching is a powerful tool for self-awareness, reflection and connection with other women who are choosing greater intention and empowerment. Get started with a free, 45-minute consult to see if group life coaching is right for you.

What Is Group Life Coaching?

On its own or as a complement to one-on-one coaching, group life coaching is a unique opportunity for personal growth. You’ll be in a small group of women who meet with me over a 12-week period to share goals, challenges, insights and what’s working for them as they seek greater intention and empowerment. It’s a chance to support like-minded women and be supported by them, too. You are not alone!

Fill out a quick application to schedule a free, 45-minute consult. In this consultation we can talk more about your goals, what is standing in your way and whether or not we would work well together.

Whether you choose individual or group life coaching, we will meet over a period of weeks to discuss goals, obstacles and opportunities for growth. Once our initial time is up, we will have another set time where we continue to stay in touch. You can send me your questions and I will send you back advice and suggestions.

We work on topics ranging from self-confidence to time management to setting boundaries. When our time comes to an end, you will have the tools you need to tackle any situation with intention and happiness.

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What Is the Process for Working With Vanessa?

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Is Group Life Coaching Right for You?

Group coaching includes some of the attributes of one-on-one coaching, but the group dynamic also encourages empathy, connection and even accountability. Sharing your life and sharing in the lives of other women is a unique opportunity for growth and empowerment, so give it a try.


Achieve Empowement

in all aspects of your life.

Banish overwhelm

to be more productive and purposeful.

Boost Compassion

towards yourself and others.

Gain Clarity and focus

on what to do in any situation.

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